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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

~Maya Angelou

Just because you’re self-publishing your book doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself! We can assess your needs, suggest your best options, and then handle every aspect of the process for you. Self-publishing platforms attempt to make the process easy, but there are still plenty of hoops to jump through, important decisions to make, and submission requirements to meet. Don’t spend your valuable time and energy learning the secrets of the self-publishing industry. We’re self-publishing experts and we want to help you!

Our Service Options Include:

  • Researching the best self-publishing options for your book and budget
  • Consultation on all aspects of the self-publishing process
  • Book cover design
  • Editing and formatting
  • ISBN acquisition
  • Copyright
  • eBook formatting and submission
  • Handling every step of the self-publishing process for you
Whether you’re interested in simply discussing the various self-publishing options available to you or want hands-on support with preparing your manuscript, we’re able to tailor our services to meet your needs. Let us take care of anything that you can’t handle yourself and advise you on all aspects of the process.

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What’s the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing?

A traditional publisher will purchase the rights to publish your book and is then responsible for the final look of the book, the printing, and the marketing. With self publishing, you pay a publisher to publish and print your book.

There are challenges and benefits associated with both traditional and self-publishing. For authors who sign with a traditional publisher, there is generally guaranteed payment and the sales and earning potential is significantly higher than self-publishing. However, the rights to their book are no longer their own and the publisher may demand various changes to the manuscript that the author may not be completely comfortable with. Self-publishing allows authors more freedom, but on the downside, there is no assurance that their book will sell.

Traditional publishing also generally involves a large commitment of time and effort (and thick skin!) to get a literary agent and publishing deal. In return, authors gain increased visibility and the publisher covers the distribution and marketing costs. Books printed through traditional publishing are guaranteed to be professional quality.

Many first-time authors use self-publishing as a means to prove their marketability to agents and publishers and secure a contract for their subsequent works. More and more, self-publishing is becoming the most common form of publication.

What is a POD (Print-On-Demand) press?

Print-On-Demand publishing is a method of producing books in specific—often small—quantities in order to meet ongoing demand from the author, booksellers, and individual customers. With a POD service, copies can be ordered and produced one at a time, eliminating the need for storage overhead. Many POD presses also serve as fulfillment houses, meaning that you will never need to worry about shipping your book to customers.

What are the different ways I can self-publish my book? How do know which one is best for me?

There are a number of self-publishing options available, including both hardcopy and digital alternatives.

For hardcopy publications, service providers offer one or both of the following options: printing a limited run, in which case the copies are shipped to you, or Print-On-Demand publication, in which case copies of the book are only produced when you or a customer orders them. This can cut back significantly on overhead for storage and reduces the risk of overstocking your book.

For electronic self-publishing, there are a number of popular vendors with whom you can make your title available, including the Amazon Kindle store, the Barnes & Noble eBook store, and Apple’s iBook app.

Give us a call and we can help you decide which of these self-publishing options are best for you.

Can you handle the self-publishing process for me?

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive publishing support, which includes an option for self-publishing. We’ll discuss the different self-publishing services available to you and help you decide which one will be best for you and your project. Once we’ve narrowed it down to your ideal self-publishing option, we’ll format your material and upload the files for you. We simplify the process so that you have to do as little as possible.

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