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Kevin Anderson and his dynamic team of editors and ghostwriters have been developing original content and editing manuscripts within the publishing world for over ten years. He has worked with numerous award-winning and bestselling authors, publishing houses, celebrities, business executives, scholars, and many more. Kevin believes deeply in the value of personalized service and professional excellence, which is clearly seen in the way he gives his full care and attention to his clients. We believe that the written word wields incredible power in the world and can be perfected through practice, diligence, and creativity. Our elite team is committed to these ideals and our record of success speaks for itself. You’ll find that our professionalism and impeccable client service stand out among an industry populated by companies that value the quick buck over trade excellence and developing enduring professional relationships. If words, ideas, and effective communication are essential to your personal and professional goals, then Kevin Anderson and his associates are ready and equipped to serve with passion and precision.


Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is a highly successful editor, ghostwriter, and entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge, skill, and professional experience.


Both an artist and a scholar, Kevin earned his master’s degree at Harvard University with a focus on literary theory. In 2005, he launched the immediately successful communications company, A.I. Writing Services Inc., which continues to offer a wide variety of editorial services. Longing for a deeper engagement with his clients and craft, Kevin stepped back from day-to-day operations at A.I. to focus his professional energy solely on his greatest passion—editing and ghostwriting books. With a carefully selected team of elite editors and ghostwriters, Kevin offers decades of collective experience and award-winning expertise.


An energetic lover of life, Kevin has an insatiable appetite for learning and eagerly pursues new experiences. He is an avid reader, surfer, accomplished pianist, visual artist, fisherman, world traveler, foodie, home-brewer, cinephile, outdoorsman, and watersports enthusiast. Kevin most enjoys the adventures he shares with his beautiful wife, two children, and loyal dog Abby.

Doctors say that when Cole Gustafson was born, he emerged from the womb reading Mark Twain: hence, he was destined to make words both his passion and profession. A vibrant and brilliant editor and ghostwriter, Cole’s writer’s intuition is an invaluable resource to writers of all abilities and aspirations.


cole-bkCole Gustafson

Cole earned his master’s degree at Harvard University in 2008 and is currently completing his PhD in American Literature. He began working with Kevin in 2005 and the two have formed a productive and inventive professional relationship ever since. During his many years of experience as a professional editor, ghostwriter, and university writing instructor, Cole has been the lead editor and ghostwriter on numerous published projects and well-regarded books. Cole possesses a real gift for taking a piece of writing and transforming it into something powerful and affecting. He is excited to help make your passion project a published reality.

Satya began working with Kevin in 2012 and has collaborated with both New York Times bestselling authors and eager first-time writers to refine and enhance their work. It is her passion and vocation to help writers and non-writers alike express their ideas in a compelling, accessible manner that helps to better our world and increase understanding among people.


satya-bk-3Satya Stainton

Satya serves as a Managing Editor and specializes in self-publishing consultation, ghostwriting, and editing for business books, memoirs, and fiction. Whether consulting with clients by phone, interviewing them in person, or writing and editing manuscripts until the wee hours of the morning, Satya is empathetic and understanding of what authors need and how to best support them.

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