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“If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”

~Toni Morrison

It starts with an idea . . . an inspiration . . . a dream.

You want to write a book, but…

 … you lack confidence in your writing

…you’re a busy professional

…you feel overwhelmed by the publishing process

You’ve come to the right place!

Our ghostwriting services are designed to bring your story to life and make your publishing dreams come true. From the initial planning stages to the moment you crack open the first page of your book, we will be your very own dedicated ghostwriter, professional consultant, and industry expert.

This is what we do, and we’re good at it. Our impressive client list is a testament to our expertise and dedication to our authors. We want to give you the same excellent service! Our ghostwriting services include everything needed to transform your concepts and ideas into a well-written, published book.

Our Ghostwriting Services Include

  • Interviews and research to learn all about you and understand your book idea
  • Planning and outlining your book
  • Ghostwriting original content from interviews or research
  • Revisions to our writing per your feedback and guidance
  • Meticulous editing to ensure your text is free of error
  • Formatting and typesetting for Print-on-Demand publication
  • Literary agent search services
  • Publishing consultancy for traditional publishers and self-publishing
  • Book cover design
  • Self-publishing services
  • On-call availability to discuss your project and consult with you from beginning to end
Let us put your words to the page and guide you through the entire writing and publishing process. Your dream of becoming a published author is about to come true..




Learn More About Our World-Class Ghostwriting Services

What If I Don’t Need Every Service Included in Your Ghostwriting Services?

Feel free to pick and choose which services you want from us. We can often reduce the pricing if you want to drop any of the service options. We’re happy to customize our services to meet your needs.

Do I Have to Give the Ghostwriter Credit?

No! That is why it is called ghostwriting—no one will ever know that you hired a writer to help you unless you tell them. Our services are 100% confidential. We do not retain any rights or ownership of your book whatsoever—it is 100% YOUR book. Whether you earn one dollar or a million, you will never owe us any credit or extra compensation. Be skeptical of ghostwriting services that require such promises from you.

Can I Claim Full Credit as Author Even Though I Didn’t Write the Book?

Yes, absolutely. The book we write for you will always be 100% your book. No one will ever know that you had a little help with the writing process unless you choose to tell them.

Are Your Services 100% Confidential?

Yes, of course! Our services are 100% confidential. We will never use any of the information you provide us for any other purpose, nor will we use the writing developed for your book ever again. We have a very comprehensive privacy policy posted on our website, and we are also happy to send you a non-disclosure agreement.

Can I Meet with My Ghostwriter in Person?

Yes, in most cases we can send the ghostwriter to meet with you in person, or we can arrange for you to meet with them at their location. Most clients find that conversations over phone, Skype, and email offer more than enough interaction with the ghostwriter to get to know you and collect the information necessary for ghostwriting your book. However, if it’s important to you that you meet with your ghostwriter in person, we are happy to arrange this for you. Not all of our ghostwriters are available to meet with clients in person, so please be sure to let us as soon as possible if in-person meetings with the ghostwriter are essential to your project.

What Is the Typical Ghostwriting Process?

Your complete satisfaction is our priority, which is why our ghostwriting process is designed to ensure that we are always meeting your expectations.

Our ghostwriting process is flexible and customizable to your preferences. We could work with you as consultants and editors as you develop the content on your own, or we could ghostwrite the book for you, based on interviews and other information you provide us. We typically gather information via e mail and phone conversations, though the process may also include in-person interviews, site visits, and independent research as necessary.

A primary writer will be assigned to develop the draft material, which will be continually reviewed by one of our managing editors and then proofread by additional editors to ensure the highest level of quality. The process usually involves developing a small amount of material at a time and submitting it to you regularly for review and approval.

While we understand that every client is unique and we are happy to adjust our ghostwriting services to suit your preferences, here is the typical ghostwriting process:

  1. Getting to know you and your publishing goals: The first step in the ghostwriting process is understanding the author—you! We’ll discuss your ghostwriting needs, personal preferences, schedule, and publishing goals in depth and help you decide what strategy would work best for you and your book.
  2. Planning: Our team will discuss your book concept with you in depth and begin developing a detailed outline of your book.
  3. Writing and Revisions: Our writing process involves developing 3-5 pages at a time, which will then be sent to you to review and provide feedback. We will then revise the segment per your preferences and resubmit it to you for review and another round of feedback. We will not continue with the writing process until you’re completely happy with each segment.
  4. Editing and Formatting: Once the ghostwriting is complete, we will have an editor (who is NOT the ghostwriter) review the manuscript and ensure that it is free of grammatical error. At this time, we will also format the manuscript for your various publishing outlets (self-publishing, PDF, eBook, etc.).
  5. Publishing: At this stage, we will either develop your query letter or book proposal and provide you with a list of reputable literary agents to contact.

How Long Does the Ghostwriting Process Typically Take?

The duration of the ghostwriting process is partly up to you—the author! Depending on your schedule and desired level of involvement, your ghostwriter will develop material for you to review and approve on a weekly or biweekly basis. While every book is unique, on average, a 200-page manuscript will take between three and six months to develop. We can often rush these services for you if you need to meet a specific publishing date.

What If I Don’t Like the Writing?

If you’re unhappy with the material you’ve received from your writer, you can simply give that feedback directly to the writer or our editor in chief and we will revise accordingly. Our skilled ghostwriters are able to shift their tone and style based on your preferences to ensure that you connect with the writing. If after multiple revisions, you are still unhappy with the writing, we can assign a new writer to the project who is a better match for you—this type of flexibility is one of the unique benefits of working with a professional firm.

Once the Book Is Ghostwritten, How Do You Help with Publishing?

We know that the publishing industry can be daunting, especially for first time authors, so we offer consultation and comprehensive support for both traditional and self-publishing outlets. Most of our all-inclusive ghostwriting packages include an original and customized query letter or book proposal free of charge. This invaluable marketing tool will be used to promote your book to literary agents and publishers. Not sure how to find a reputable literary agent? We’ve got you covered—we’ll provide you with a list of genre appropriate agents to whom you can send your query letter or proposal!

We can also assist you with all aspects of the self-publishing process, from choosing the ideal self-publisher or POD, to formatting your book, developing the book cover, and submitting your manuscript for publication.

Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

Absolutely! The most important elements behind ghostwriting are the ideas—and as the author and initiator of your book, the ideas are all yours. The fact is, some people are just too busy or lacking the writing skills to develop a publishable book—but their voices still deserve to be heard. A ghostwriter facilitates this process and acts as a translator between your mind and what readers can understand and enjoy. The ghostwriting process is simply a means for getting your wisdom, methods, story, or ideas into the world!

Can I Include My Own Writing? Will this Save Me Money?

Yes and yes! You are welcome to include material that you’ve written, which we will gladly edit and incorporate any content that you provide. Depending on the strength of the content you’ve written, it may save you a lot of money!

What if I Just Want Feedback and Consultation on My Book?

Our editing and consultation services are perfectly suited for writers who are looking to improve their work. We can give input at whatever level of detail you’d like—overarching feedback on the structure and concept of the book, critical review on the flow and transitions, or copyediting changes to the text itself. We can also address specific issues, as per your request, in our review of your work.

How Much Do Ghostwriting Services Cost?

Every ghostwriting project is unique, and so the pricing is flexible and varies according to what you choose to include in your package. We customize our services for every client, which means the price is negotiable and based on the specifics of your project. Our comprehensive ghostwriting and publishing packages start at $10,000 and include 100 pages of original writing, 10 hours of phone time with the ghostwriter, an original query letter, a book cover, literary agent search, and publishing services. However, the price for your book could be much more or much less, depending on what services best suit your needs.

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